Wipe Out

This has become my family’s favorite car trip game.

Pick a category, e.g. makes of car, types of fruit, films with Bruce Willis in them, superheroes, etc. Players then bid as to how many things in that category they can name. Bidding must start at 1 and go up 1 at a time (i.e. someone can’t make a first bid of 4 followed by someone bidding 7).

When bidding has ended (not everyone has to bid, but you can bid more than once), the person with the highest bid must try to name that number of items.

“Sequels” are not allowed, so in a “time travel film” category you couldn’t have Terminator AND Terminator 2. What constitutes a “sequel” in other categories is open to debate and decided by group consensus (e.g. if the category was “sports played with balls” you probably wouldn’t allow minor league baseball and major league baseball.

Some people try to heckle the guesser, to distract him. But in my family, we let one person go as far as they can and then, if they falter, we turn it into a cooperative challenge and try to see how many we can name together.

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